Tools For Sharing Twitter Music

There are many ways for music enthusiasts (who are also fans of Twitter) to merge their interests. Because of the thought process that has been put into various Twitter tools, users are able to share their music with millions of other users immediately and quickly. If you’re a fan of Twitter and want to share the music you love with others, think about the following applications: Search song


The Twitter app lets users to tweet tracks page that resembles your profile page on Twitter. Simply sign into your account to look up an artist or track, then click “Preview.” Once you have created the page you can tweet it, and your followers will be able listen to it. offers a live stream which is comparable to Twitter for music, however it also allows you to share music to your fans. It also lets you meet people with similar interests in music.


TinySong shortens URLs for music. It allows you to input the URL for the song you’d like to share, and then gives you a smaller URL. This makes it simpler to tweet the song within the 140 characters limit.


SoundHound is a clever tool that allows you to discover music using your mobile electronics, such as Windows Mobile, iPhone, iPad, Android, and Symbian devices. Searches can be conducted through a search using your voice or by singing along to the tune. The program will search for the song you’re looking for and give you lyrics and information about the artist.


Twiturm is Twiturm is a Twitter tool specifically designed for artists who wish to broadcast their music to their followers. It allows users to connect to short MP3 URLs online , or direct download MP3 files. The MP3 URLs lead to a Twiturm website where users can download, play, and tweet tracks. Musicians can monitor downloads as well as plays for every track.


Nimbit is a different Twitter application that musicians can utilize to promote their audio-based content. The premium service provides an user dashboard that lets musicians set up a custom store to sell their products as well as track their fans and create customized social media profiles.


Statuzer allows tweeps to search for music, play music and share links to websites that allow multimedia like YouTube and Flickr and Twitpic and many more apps. Statuzer is linked to Jamendo it is a collection that contains free music that you can legally download. Statuzer is also able to play music directly via

No matter if you’re an avid music lover or an avid fan or a rising artist, you can be sharing the music you know and enjoy using one of these Twitter applications. Share music with your friends by using Twitter!